Snyder Duck Breed

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Proposed Standard

Standard Weights

Old Drake- 8 lbs, Old Duck- 7 lbs

Young Drake- 7 lbs, Young Duck- 6 lbs

Shape-Drake and Duck

Bill: medium sized, with a very slight concave top line

Eyes: full, alert

Head: moderately large, with noticable forehead

Neck: medium length, thick and straight

Back: some what broad, moderately long with a slight arch at the shoulders

Tail: slightly elevated, composed of hard, stiff feather. drakes sex feathers well curled.

Wings: strong, medium sized, folded smoothly against body

Breast: broad, full, rounded and nicely blended into the body

Body: moderately long, almost cylindrical from shoulders to abdomen. a small paunch between the legs is exceptable. carriage slightly elevated in the front. 

Legs: lower thighs- short, large

        :shanks- medium length and size. the outer sides covered with feathers, feathering on the inside of the leg is also usually present and permissible (at present time feather length is around 1/2 inch in length. 1 inch is the goal length for now, but further breeding will decide what the ideal length will ultimately be.)

Toes: straight, connected by web. outer toe covered with feathers, middle and inside toes having slight feathering

Traits to try to avoid

-overly large breast that hangs lower than the stomach(birds that have just finished eating/drinking usually have bulgy breasts and shouldn't be penalized)

-long arched necks

-slight keels(which should not be confused with feathers meeting under the stomach, or a small paunch)

-over all "clunky" looking bodies


-featherless legs